Friday, November 30, 2007


Hamburg, Germany

Some might wonder why I am in Hamburg. In a way I am not. I am only at the airport waiting for my connection flight to Vienna. And like usual I write an entry while waiting...

Airports are a great place to reflect. You let something behind and something new is ahead ;)

Still, I have mixed feelings about airports. In a way they are the ports for my surreal life I am living at the moment. If it wasn't for airports I wouldn't have done what I did since I started this trip. Perhaps I would neither have gone to Iran nor to North America.

But at the other hand, it's a pain, being racially profiled all the time (not only in the US), having special security checks, special registry, having my begs being opened every single time, getting interrogated, being told that this has to be done because in my country funny things are going on...

Hold on! I am Austrian!

And still, I might be denied admission to the US in future because an immigration officer had made a mistake when I entered the US last month. Since I couldn't prove it seems to be mine. "You violated the regulations upon which I entered the country..." (as a special registrant... people "like me" don't get normal tourist visas) "We could arrest you for that now!"


Well, shit happens... at least I am in Hamburg now and not in Guantanamo...



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