Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Staying in Touch with Friends

Tehran, Iran

It's interesting to me:

Some people complain about me not staying in touch. And I know that some people don't complain but are a bit sad about it or feel offended.

So what is it that makes someone feel sad or offended?

What does it really mean if I (and perhaps people in general) "don't stay in touch"?

So I have those friends who I don't mail or talk to simply because our bond is not strong enough.

Then there are those friends who I mail or talk to simply because they somehow "force me" to stay in touch (or I am too Iranian to be impolite).

The majority are good friends that I don't mail or talk to regularly... only when there is really something going on... not the common superficial chat... but if we ever do I'm really happy about it...

Then there is very few of my very closest friends that I stay in touch with... a bit...

Finally, there is quite some very very close friends or people I highly respect or have experienced something special with, whom I hardly ever mail or talk to. To some of them I haven't talked to in years and to some of them I might never talk to again!

What does it say about our friendship?


Or maybe: "We share that special thing we do so there is no need to prove it!"



Blogger Norbert said...

As one of those friends...not knowing which group I belong to - thank you for sharing your experiences! Yours,
Norbert U. (Vienna)

5:08 PM, March 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I read a parable about the different types of love which describes kinds of friendship too.
The first is "the duck". A duck lays her eggs, sitting on them all the time, leaving the nest only for a very short time and defending it even if the aggressor is much bigger as she is. After the chicks are slipped she is watching them all the time, having them close to her.
The second is "the fish". A fish lays eggs too, seeking carefully for a place to make sure that no potential enemy could endanger the clutch of eggs. But the fish watching the eggs from a distance never sitting on the eggs and after the tadpoles slipped out they are shifted on themselves.
The last one ist the most developped type of love - "the turtle". A turtle lays her eggs in the warm sand trusting that the sun will breed them and then returns to the ocean. Maybe she will never see her children again but she know that they are in same great ocean with her.
Sometimes it is so difficult to be a turtle!!! Ina (Vienna)

7:54 AM, March 16, 2007  
Anonymous papillon said...

Interspecies friendship and animal friendship -

Friendship as a type of interpersonal relationship is found also among animals with high intelligence, such as the higher mammals and some birds. Cross-species friendships are common between humans and domestic animals. Less common but noteworthy are friendships between an animal and another animal of a different species, such as a dog and cat. -

Society is the system of organizations and institutions arising from interaction between humans. - keep it up and enjoy life! -

9:32 AM, March 18, 2007  

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